Consider Sustainable Maintenance to Save Money

Part of the success of an industrial company to be efficient and make money depends on how its maintenance is managed.

Maintenance engineering is the source of the maintenance strategies implemented in a company.

Customers have their production and profitability goals. To support these goals and ensure they are met, they must have good maintenance strategies in place.

Auditing maintenance, training people in maintenance, designing maintenance and technical solutions to improve reliability, renovating equipment and manufacturing parts are the services these industries need.

Offering this type of services, while controlling the entire equipment maintenance process to help industries increase the reliability of their plants, reduce the loss of availability (downtime) and help them save money. money is paramount.

Today, when all major industries are waging waste, pollution, New Caledonian industries must understand that maintenance is an investment that means there is a return on investment. In addition, taking maintenance into account in the design phase of an equipment or installation maximizes the reliability of this equipment and thus optimizes maintenance costs over the long term.

For example, the main purpose of a nickel plant is to produce nickel and make money with nickel. Enabling these industries to achieve this goal by helping them, for example, to choose their equipment so that they can focus on their core business and profitability is important.

By auditing maintenance strategies, it is possible to identify where major problems (losses) are located and where the customer can save money. It is therefore important to propose solutions to improve the reliability of equipment (better quality of parts, better materials, better design, etc …) in order to adapt the equipment to its application / environment.

It would be interesting to check whether the major mining groups in New Caledonia, in search of environmentally friendly solutions, analyze their maintenance data in order to improve their maintenance strategies. Providing them with engineering solutions to reduce losses, waste and costs, including refurbishing and repairing their equipment, is a service they need.


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